Dental crowns at brookside dental in clackamas

Dental crowns have been used in dentistry for over 2000 years. There is evidence that the Etruscans experimented with crowns on teeth using ivory and bone as early as 700 B.C. By 200 A.D., they began using gold crowns to construct artificial teeth. Ancient Egyptians fashioned tooth replacements out of seashells and then hammered them … Continue reading “Dental crowns at brookside dental in clackamas”

Eating got you down, clackamas?

Clackamas men and women with missing teeth know that chewing can be difficult and painful. If you are looking at the cost of dental implants in Clackamas and feel uncertain whether this is the step you ought to take, come see Brian Westover DMD and Robert Kowal DDS DMD, DDS at Brookside Dental to learn … Continue reading “Eating got you down, clackamas?”