Avoid tooth loss in clackamas

Do you know the most common cause of tooth loss among Portland adults? The answer is gum disease. While this may be startling to Portland, Gladstone, and Gresham residents, there is a bright side: Gum disease is easy to treat if it is detected in the early stages. Regular check-ups with your Clackamas dentist are … Continue reading “Avoid tooth loss in clackamas”

Does my gresham dentist treat bad breath?

When my Gresham dental patients ask me if mouthwash cures bad breath, I tell them that treating bad breath with a mouthwash is like drenching yourself with cologne instead of taking a shower. Mouthwash is only a temporary mask for odor caused by poor oral hygiene, tongue bacteria, or digestive problems. The best-selling mouthwashes in … Continue reading “Does my gresham dentist treat bad breath?”

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Have your dessert, clackamas!

Your Portland dentist knows that it’s too much to ask that you never indulge in sugary treats, but he or she will tell you that eating sweets at certain times is better for your teeth than others. For instance, when you eat a full meal, your saliva production increases. This helps to rinse food particles … Continue reading “Have your dessert, clackamas!”

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