Creating beautiful smiles at brookside dental

I am glad you found our blog! I’m Brian Westover DMD and Robert Kowal DDS, DMD, DDS, of Brookside Dental, a full-service dental practice in Clackamas. I am a proud member of Crown Council. My profession is dentistry, but my passion is providing superior and affordable dental care for my patients. I began serving Oregon … Continue reading “Creating beautiful smiles at brookside dental”

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A standard of excellence in clackamas

Brookside Dental provides local dentistry to the residents of Clackamas and the greater Portland area. If you are looking for a trusted dentist, we invite you to consider Brookside Dental. Dr. Brian Westover DMD and Robert Kowal DDS has been keeping smiles healthy and beautiful since 2011. We offer full-service dentistry for every member of … Continue reading “A standard of excellence in clackamas”

A wise investment that pays off every day

You may not sport a sparkling 3-carat diamond on your finger or zip around town in a shiny Ferrari, but you can flash a celebrity-caliber smile. (And we think it is a much better investment than extravagant jewelry or a pricey car.) Cosmetic dentistry is an investment in you. And it pays off every single … Continue reading “A wise investment that pays off every day”

What you didn’t know about grinding your teeth

Medically known as Bruxism, chronic jaw clenching or teeth grinding can damage more than the good night’s sleep of your loved one. Here are a few reasons you may want to listen up when they remind you you’ve been grinding your teeth. 1. Stop it before it starts. While Bruxism is typically caused by external … Continue reading “What you didn’t know about grinding your teeth”

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