Dr. Robert Kowal DDS knows when a simple problem can become serious

Today in the Clackamas family dentist blog we are going to discuss those small irritations in the mouth that have the potential to become big problems. Injuries, sores, or inflammation in the mouth can be very uncomfortable. These non-specific irritations, called stomatitis, have many different causes. They may be cause by cold sores, gum disease, … Continue reading “Dr. Robert Kowal DDS knows when a simple problem can become serious”

Creating beautiful smiles at brookside dental

I am glad you found our blog! I’m Brian Westover DMD and Robert Kowal DDS, DMD, DDS, of Brookside Dental, a full-service dental practice in Clackamas. I am a proud member of Crown Council. My profession is dentistry, but my passion is providing superior and affordable dental care for my patients. I began serving Oregon … Continue reading “Creating beautiful smiles at brookside dental”

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Dental confidence or caution in oregon?

Whether you are one of the Clackamas folks who goes willingly for your check-up, or are hesitant about getting dental work done, Brookside Dental has opened its doors to smiling patients since 2011. We give straightforward answers about the cost of dental implants, the price for a crown, and the average cost of veneers for … Continue reading “Dental confidence or caution in oregon?”

It’s a great time to have ugly teeth!

Huh? Yep, it’s true. It’s a great time to have ugly teeth because unprecedented cosmetic dentistry provides several procedures to turn ugly to unbelievably beautiful. Teeth whitening can benefit almost every adult. Years of staining can be magically erased in a day at your Clackamas dentist’s office or over a few months with an affordable … Continue reading “It’s a great time to have ugly teeth!”